Installation Guide


Installation is simple and easy

That being said, please note that failure to properly install this kit can lead to machine damage.  Do not proceed if you are unsure about your own abilities or if any part of this instruction guide is unclear to you.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact us for clarification or guidance before proceeding! 

Tools needed:

  -  Short flathead screwdriver or 8mm socket/wrench

  -  Pick for removing the old grouphead gasket

  -  3mm hex wrench (provided w/ your kit)


 1)  Unplug the machine and allow at least 30 minutes to cool if the machine has been in recent use.

2)  Remove the portafilter, drip trays, water reservoir, and lid.  Carefully and gently up end the machine so you can look down on the grouphead. 

 3)  Thoroughly clean the 8mm hex bolt to remove all traces of old coffee grounds.


Warning:  Failure to adequately clean the stock hex bolt or replacement flathead screw can lead to machine damage during removal/installation.  Verify that all excess coffee grains have been removed from the head the bolt/screw prior to removal!


4)  Using either an 8mm socket/wrench, or a short flathead screw driver, twist the bolt counter-clockwise to remove the bolt from the machine.

5)  Remove the old showerscreen, jetbreaker, and grouphead spacer and set aside.  The grouphead spacer is not removable on older machines, so don't try to forcibly remove it.


6)  Using a pick or similar tool, remove the old grouphead gasket.  Depending on the age of your machine and frequency of replacement of this component, it may come out very easily or it may come out in pieces with remaining material adhered to the grouphead.

Warning:  Faillure to fully remove the old seal and any remaining pieces will prevent proper installation of the new seal and will prevent proper machine function!


7)  Thoroughly inspect the grouphead after removal of the old seal to verify all traces of the old seal have been removed.  Now is an excellent time to thoroughly clean the grouphead.  We recommend soaking the previously removed grouphead spacer in a high quality coffee detergent and thoroughly wiping/brushing the grouphead to remove all trace coffee residues and grains.

 8)  Once the grouphead has been cleaned and dried, inspect the seal channel one more time to ensure no coffee grains or remnants of the old seal remain.  At this point it is time to install the new seal provided in our kit. 


9)  With the lettering on the seal facing the grouphead, firmly press the seal into the groove.  Work your way around the seal progressively pressing the seal deaper into the groove until it has fully seated.  The use of other tools like a punch to help you seat the seal is permitted, but use caution to not puncture or gouge the seal.

10)  Once the seal has been fully or nearly fully pressed into the groove, use the portafilter to fully seat the seal by locking it into the grouphead. 

 11)  Install the groupspacer in the same orientation as it was removed.  Install the new jetbreaker and the new pre-formed showerscreen provided in your kit. 


12)  Carefully install the new flathead screw using the 3mm hex key provided by turning the screw clockwise.  Be sure to not cross thread or over-tighten the screw.  The screw only needs to be finger tight using the SHORT arm of the provided hex key. 

 Warning:  Over-tightening the flathead screw can lead to stripping of the key socket.  Use the SHORT arm of the hex key for installing the screw to help prevent over-tightening and the long arm of the hex key to remove the screw. The image below shows correct orientation for removal ONLY. 


Warning:  When removing the screw for future cleanings after use, be sure to fully clear the screw key socket of all coffee grounds.  Any remaining grounds that are up inside the screw key socket will be compacted by the hex key and will greatly increase the risk of damaging the screwhead! 

This completes your installation.  Carefully turn the machine back over and re-install the previously removed drip trays, reservoir, lid, and portafilter.  You are now ready to further enjoy your machine! 

Thank you again for purchasing our kit, good luck, and happy brewing!