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What does it mean?


(froo-ish-un) | noun |

     1)  the point at which  an effort yields results

     2)  enjoyment after realization or accomplishment

     3)  the attainment of truly fantastic coffee

Who are we?

We're a small Maine company, founded by a couple espresso enthusiasts in search of a better tasting shot.  Our love affair with coffee and dissatisfaction with the status quo of the equipment we could afford led us to found Fruition Tamp & Coffee.  Our aim is to simply help other enthusiasts with a modest budget improve the taste of their morning labor.

What do we currently offer?

Our product offering is currently very limited though we have some great things in the works.  Our flagship product is based on a simple and popular modification to the Rancilio Silvia Espresso machine.  We call it the Flat Shower Screen Upgrade and its currently available for purchase.

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What's coming next?

We are in parallel working to bring other products to market based on innovations to the espresso filter basket.  A full line of espresso coffee tampers will also be available. Please check back regularly for updates.  

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