Why upgrade?


Get rid of the bolt!

 Stock machines use an 8mm hex head bolt that protrudes beneath the shower screen and presses into the tamped coffee puck. This design has two flaws:  1) damage to the puck promotes channeling and contributes to a sour taste from under-extraction and 2) spent grounds collect around the bolt head and go stale if not cleaned away. 


Easier to clean, less channeling, better taste!

After installation, the flathead screw will sit flush with your shower screen and can’t damage the coffee puck. There is also nowhere for spent grounds to collect around. The end result is an espresso machine which is easier to clean, more forgiving of technique, and will consistently yield better tasting shots! 


Quick & easy to install

Take the work and uncertainty out of this popular modification with our ready to install kit! Included is a new Rancilio seal, pre-formed Rancilio shower screen, pre-countersunk jet breaker, high quality 304 stainless steel flat head screw, and wrench. 

Flat Shower Screen Upgrade Testimonials

Eric, USA

 Easy to install. Does the flat screw make a difference? Each detail matters when brewing espresso. One might not notice immediately the effect of one detail, but cumulatively they do matter. This is just one of those. 

Raul, USA

Excellent do not hesitate on this much needed update updated my Sylvia version I its like a new machine better shots and definitely helps with channeling and so much easier to clean just one quick wipe down after every shot 

Eddy, Netherlands

 I just recieved the showerscreen. Its in and its perfect. Really nice. Thanks so much. 

T. Martin, USA

I bought a bottomless portafilter, and wanted to eliminate any imperfections in my machine. This eliminated the big center bolt intruding into the grounds. It was also time to replace my gasket, so: two birds, one stone. 

Mike, USA

This is a nice upgrade to the stock filter screen machine screw, which protrudes into the tamped coffee. Easy to install (instructions online). After installation, i have been examining the top of the coffee puck and it is nice to see a flat surface without a big divot in the middle! Cant understand why Rancilio didnt build them this way from the factory. 

Alex, USA

The only drawback on my espresso machine was that the screen was such a pain to clean - old grinds were getting caught and would get all nasty. I searched around and came across this and decided to give it a shot. So much easier to clean! All that crap used to get stuck and wouldn't come out, and now it's not an issue. Definitely helps the taste to not have all that old stuff stuck in there too.

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